Our Partners

Stella McCartney

A top-tier high-end designer brand from the UK. Since its debut in the Paris Fashion Week in 2001, the brand has received wide acclaim from global fashion followers. The brand has 53 specialty stores, with its collections distribute in 77 countries through 880 specialty kiosks inside department stores. It also sells to 100 countries online.

SMARTAC has officially become the brand’s general online agent in China and will unleash the brand’s potential in China through digital marketing.


A premium beauty device and skincare brand founded in 2006 by Schick Medical in Germany. The founder Dr. Helmut was the first to apply ultrasound injection technology in dermatology and the beauty industry, which led the skincare revolution. Its products are distributed in private clubs, as well as Harrods in the UK and Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in France. They are also available to first-class passengers on Lufthansa, making it a typical stealth winning brand in Europe.

SMARTAC is currently the brand’s general agent in Asia Pacific. Together, we will explore the regional markets.


Founded by Mimi Luzon, a celebrity skin caring expert with over 30 years of solid experience, it is an ultra high-end luxurious skincare brand from the Unites States that attracts Hollywood celebrities, Victoria’s Secret supermodels, and socialites. With proprietary DNA cell anti- aging technology at its core, Mimi Luzon applies gold to skincare to enable maximum efficacy in a journey to discover the secret of eternal beauty.

SMARTAC has become the brand’s general agent in Asia Pacific to explore business opportunities in China’s luxury skincare market.


An Israeli mass-market cosmetic brand that specializes in skin immunity adjustment. The Kamedis’ products have received over 10 international recognized certificates, including FDA, CFDA and CE marking. In collaboration with prominent dermatologists and researchers across the world, Kamedis has mastered cutting-edge technology in plant extract production and effectively solves various types of skin problems with its patented natural herbal formulas.

SMARTAC has become the brand’s general agent in Asia Pacific to explore the region’s cosmeceutical market.

Grace Cole

Founded in 2007, Grace Cole is a fragrance and personal care brand from the UK. Grace Cole developed an exclusive formula that is designed and manufactured in the UK to nurture the skin with its unique natural aroma. By utilizing pure natural extraction technology and excellent in ultimate fragrance, Grace Cole creates the whiff of shower gel and body milk as precise as perfume, offering a range of bath, body, and home products. Together with the core concept of providing products with prudence pricings, products including body cream, hand cream , shower gel, scrub paste, fragrance spray can be seasonal choices and can serve various rhythms for consumers

SMARTAC is currently the general agent of Grace Cole for the Asia Pacific region. SMARTAC takes advantages of its know-hows in digital marketing and e-commerce to create the first brand of British fragrances for the Asia-Pacific market.

Nutronic Biomedical

Huakang Biomedical (HKEX: 8622) specializes in research and development, manufacturing and sales of medical devices of a wide range of in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) reagents in China. Over the years, Huakang has been dedicated to the male fertility IVD reagent market in China and ranked the third among all manufacturers of its kind in 2017, with a market share of 14.3%. It also has the largest number of registered products with the China Food and Drug Administration as well as Provincial Food and Drug Administrations.

Combining SMARTAC’s strong sales network and excellent operational capability, with the solid scientific capacity of Huakang, SMARTAC and Huakang have established a joint venture company to promote the brand of Nutronic. This collaboration is set to provide safer and more effective fertility enhancing products.

This collaboration will further explore the health supplement market in China, with a focus on the research and development of new products that contain high-end essential ingredients such as nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) and cannabidiol (CBD).

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