Corporate Profile

Smartac Group China Holdings Limited (the “Company”) and together with its subsidiaries (the “Group”), listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 395) on 28 October 2002.

The Company is an investment holding company, through its subsidiaries, providing (i) software sales and O2O consultation services by O2O solutions segment; (ii) digital advertising platform and related solutions by IDM solutions segment and (iii) marketing strategy and management of operation of online shop on e-commerce platform by E-Commerce solutions segment which is acquired on 28 December 2017.

For O2O solutions segment, clients of O2O services are main shopping malls in Shanghai. O2O services provided to our clients include tailormade social CRM (customer relationship management) platforms, big data management for retail sectors and maintenance service for voice recording system, call center system and social CRM platforms. The use of big data in the social CRM platforms assist clients in understanding consumers’ behavior and personalizing customers’ experience which make targeted promotion and marketing activities possible for clients.

For IDM solutions segment, the Group provided digital advertisements and promotion articles for customers through own WeChat official account and WeChat Pay payment service. In view of mobile payment services in Hong Kong having picked up pace and mobile payment technologies advancing rapidly in the past two years, the Company through its subsidiary, Haihai Travel Cloud Limited (“Haihai”), started the WeChat Pay business in Hong Kong providing merchants to accept and process mobile cashless payment since June 2016. Comparatively speaking, such payment services require substantially less capital investment than the Wi-Fi operations and, on the other hand, generate revenue for the Group. Haihai had been working with merchants who engaged in retailing businesses such as medical and pharmaceutical services, cosmetics, food and beverage, so as to offer customers a more convenient and fast mobile payment option when making both online and offline purchase.

For E-Commerce solutions segment, in view of the robust growth of the PRC online retail market, the Group acquired 51% of the issued share capital in LCE Group Limited (“LCE Group”) on 28 December 2017 which then became a non-wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. LCE Group is engaged in the provision of marketing strategy and management of operation of online shop on e-commerce platform aiming at making the overall shopping experience more seamless between online and offline stores.