About Us

Smart business experts

SMARTAC specializes in providing smart business services, serving clients with comprehensive and customized smart business solutions, including branding, marketing, e-commerce, omnichannel and online payment services.

Well-established global business platform

SMARTAC is dedicated to introducing high-quality products and fashionable lifestyles from overseas to the domestic market, while bringing top-notch “Made-in-China” products to the international stage, with an aim to establish a global business platform that offers a broad assortment of products available in a wide variety of options. Just like the company’s slogan: “Converging East and West, Building Global Connections.”

Global outlook

SMARTAC is committed to becoming a leading smart business service provider globally, helping clients expand various sales channels, penetrate international markets and optimize global supply chain management.

Ideal & reliable partner

SMARTAC provides all-round, customized e-commerce solutions with creativity, in order to enable clients to achieve the best marketing benefits possible. 

SMARTAC makes the following commitments to its clients:

Simplicity: Provides clear and straightforward operating processes by eliminating all complex procedures.

Speediness: Provides timely solutions with prompt responses to clients’ requirements and inquiries.

Security: Provides safe and reliable services with rigorous security systems.

Smartac International Holdings Limited

Incorporated in the Cayman Islands with limited liability​


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